High-quality Laser Cutting & Associated Services – Ads Laser Cutting Ltd

High-quality Laser Cutting & Associated Services – Ads Laser Cutting Ltd

We offer a quality sheet metal laser cutting service and quick lead times

Precision bending requires expertise, skill, knowledge and the right Jasa Laser Cutting Medan tools. 

We are specialists in fabrication and aim for perfection with every job.

Our paintshop facility enables final finishing to a variety of products. 

Laser cutting is one of the more accurate methods of cutting both thin and thick sheet metal. It focuses a beam of Jasa Laser Cutting Medan infrared light to heat the metal to the point of melting, burning or vaporising typically to a diameter smaller than 0.5mm.

Laser Cutting & Associated Services

We specialise in a range of metalworking services including laser cutting, folding, fabrication, metal finishing, on-site assembly and delivery.

We use the very latest laser cutting, press brake and welding technologies and through continuous investment, including the recent purchase of two 10kw Trumpf Fiber Lasers and an 87,000 square feet premises, further position ourselves as leaders within the sheet metal fabrication industry.

We are renowned for our quick lead times, reliability and quality of cut across a variety of materials.

At ADS Laser Cutting, as well as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium, we can laser cut a variety of other materials such as brass, copper, Zintec, galvanised sheet, tool and spring steels, titanium and other aeronautical materials up to a maximum sheet size of 3080 x 1550mm.

We also work with box section and different types of extrusion as well as tread plate and blanks that require cut outs.

Our machines can cut up to the following thickness:

For laser cutting and folding our standard lead time is tiga-lima days. If you need your parts quicker than this, this is something we may be able to do as part of our express service.

We can currently cut profiles up to 3080 x 1550mm, although we do tender for enquiries where sheet sizes are larger than this.

We can cut the following materials to thicknesses up to: Mild Steel 30mm, Stainless Steel 40mm, Aluminium 30mm, Brass 12mm, Copper 16mm.

We have invested heavily in the latest machinery, currently operating two Trumpf 10kw 5030 Fiber lasers with added functionality such as Detectline to cut with better accuracy and CoolLine which enables finer cutting of thicker materials.

We work to a general positioning tolerance of +/- 0.3mm.

Industries Which Use Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used in a number of highly varying industries, a few we regularly operate in are:

What to Do If You Have a Laser Cutting Requirement

Send us in a drawing and details of your project

Using our contact us form or by emailing enquiry@adslaser.co.uk, send us in drawings and details on the project, preferably including information on what materials are required, what size it is and how many are required.

We Jasa Laser Cutting will provide you with a quote

We aim to respond to all enquiries on the same day we receive them. Typically at first, a member of our team will speak to you to assess the project in further lebih jelasnya before sending you a quote for the job.

Our team will program your project before laser cutting it on one of our Trumpf 10kw 5030 Fiber lasers, and where required fold, fabricate, finish, assemble and deliver your finished product anywhere in the U.K.

Laser cutting is done by focussing a beam of high intensity infrared light generated by a laser onto a material such as metal in order to melt, burn or vaporise it. The beam is focused onto the surface by different means typically depending on which kind of laser is being used (co2/Fiber etc.). An assist gas is used to clear the area of molten or burned material.

The laser follows a design/pattern which is programmed into the machine, and moves across the workpiece either by mechanically moving the sheet on a CNC X-Y table, via ‘Hybrid’ systems which move the material in one axis and the laser in another or by using fully robotic systems, among other ways. You can read more about this in our article How Does Laser Cutting Work?

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