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Gaming Pc

Fierce PC is a leadJual Pc Gaming di Medan ing online supplier of the best gaming PCs in the U.K. Each system is designed with performance and precision in mind. With competitive prices on all of our products, investing in a nice PC doesn’t need to cost a fortune – especially when we Harga Pc Gaming di Medan have Pay Monthly finance options on all orders above £300. So take a close look at our fantastic range of gaming PCs today to see all the great deals on offer! Our Seagate storage options make all the difference when it comes to performance too.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Computer


Processing power determines how well your gaming PC can handle different games of different qualities. A powerful processor can guarantee a flawless gaming experience for you even though the other components are not of the highest standard. If you prefer to customise your PC using our online gaming PC Distributor Pc Gaming Medan configurator, make sure you go for the best processors possible.

Graphics Cards

After the processors, the graphics cards are the next component you should work on. They improve the gaming visuals and blur line between gaming and reality. At Fierce PC, we have the best graphics cards from all the leading manufacturers like Asus, MSI and Zotac.


Getting your RAM size right avoids lagging and freezing of games and gives enough room for the processors to operate. Good RAM size is key to getting your new customised gaming PC working flawlessly and without freezing.

PC Cases

Cases play a variety of roles. They are great in adding aesthetics to your computer but, they also have functional roles like cooling the computer so you can enjoy playing for longer.


With a good graphics card, you also need a good monitor. Our gaming PCs come with a wide range of monitors to suit your needs. We stock HD, 4K, 1440p, and 1080p monitors according to your budget and preference. With these monitors, you can enjoy a crystal-clear experience.

Types of PCs


We have a wide range of gaming PCs designed by our engineers and professional gamers. But, we understand our clients might be looking for something different to enhance their gaming experience.

With the help of our online configurator, you can customise your own gaming PC in simple steps. Within 48 hours, our team of engineers will start building the PC and will thoroughly test it before shipping it out to you.


Limited budget? No worries, we have a collection of high-performance budget gaming PCs suited for your budget. With our budget PCs, you can finally enjoy the exploits of the game without stretching your finances too thin.

Like all of our other gaming PCs, the budget PCs also come with a tiga-year, return to base warranty and a 30-day return policy if anything goes wrong. That guarantees Grosir Pc Gaming Medan that you always get quality with us at Fierce PC.


For advanced players that run demanding games and don’t want the pain of freezing and lagging, our high-end gaming PCs come highly prescribed. These pretty penny, high-end machines, carefully designed machines feature the best components like processors and graphics to guarantee a premium experience to every gamer that as the opportunity to sit in front of them.


You don’t always have to leave your gaming station behind every time you leave the house. With our assortment of powerful gaming laptops, you can bring your gaming with you everywhere you go. We have all kinds of gaming laptops including budget-friendly options, high-end and high-performance gaming laptops.

Buy Your Gaming PC with Fierce PC

Whether you are getting into gaming or are a professional gamer, it is important you have a Gaming PCs that is configured for your gaming needs. Customise your PC or gaming laptop with our online PC Configurator that gives you dozens of choices and options, enabling you to design your dreaming gaming computer for you! Within up to dua days of placing your order, our team of specialist staff will build and test your gaming computer and get it shipped directly to your door. If you have requested a particularly complex build, it may take a little longer, but we’ll let you know – we Toko Pc Gaming Medan don’t send out any PC until we’re 100% happy with it.

When you buy a gaming PC with Fierce PC, we are so confident in our products that they come with a 3-year FREE warranty. Our 3 Year Protect Return-To-Base Warranty comes FREE with your PC purchase, allowing you to return your PC to us for repair for 3 years. Parts are covered for one year, labour costs are covered for three years, and if a fault occurs within 30 days of receipt of your PC, we’ll cover the carriage costs. Let Fierce PC help in choosing you the best Gaming PC for your needs, our highly knowledgeable staff are happy to take your calls and e-mail queries.

Gaming PC FAQs

Which gaming PC brands do you have?

We have all of the leading gaming PC brands in the market. Our best sellers include Ironwing, AMD, Crusader, Nebula, Phantom, Exile among others. We also stock gaming PC accessories and components from all the leading merk’s HP, Lenovo, AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, among others.

Is it better to buy a gaming PC or a Gaming Console?

Depending on the gaming setup you want, setting up a gaming PC can cost you more initially. But it will save you more money in the long run like in the games, which are much cheaper. Your new gaming PC is not limited to gaming. You can also use it for other income-generating activities like video editing.

How much does a gaming PC cost?

Our range of gaming PCs come in various categories depending on user experience. We have mid-range gaming PC and high-end gaming PCs. Gaming PCs are the most affordable and ideal for gamers looking for a budget-friendly option. If you have a specific budget in mind and can’t find the PC you want, you can use our Online PC Configurator to build your own gaming PC.

Do I have to build my own gaming PC?

No, you don’t have to. We have a vast range of ready-made and tested gaming PCs that you can select. Customised builds are for gamers that have specific gaming rigs in mind.

Is it hard to build a gaming PC?

It depends on your experience. We try to simplify the process as much as possible. If it’s your first time, it might take two to three hours. But as you get used to it, it will take less time.

Is it better to build your own gaming PC?

Whether you build your own gaming PC or buy a ready-made option, you are always assured of the best quality from Fierce PC. However, building your own PC allows you to tailor the PC to your budget and your needs.  

How long will it take to get my gaming PC?

We use rapid shipping for all our gaming PCs for fast and efficient delivery. We offer different shipping options that prioritise your order in our production line. Stock gaming PCs arrive faster than customised PCs. But on average, the entire process should take 7 – 10 working days. Once the PC is built, it is dispatched to arrive the next working day. 

Do you ship to countries outside the UK?

We also ship to Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, and Germany

Do the PCs have a warranty cover?

Yes, all gaming PCs come with a return-to-base warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the PC merk. On average, it ranges between tiga-lima years.

Are the PC tested?

Yes, all our PCs including the self-builds are fully tested before shipping to guarantee smooth operation and set up when they arrive.

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