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Asus Accessories

Enhance Jual Laptop Asus Medan your laptop’s memory with Asus Accessories

Does your Asus laptop start to lag when you launch Toko Laptop Asus Medan several apps? Here at our online store you will find all the RAM memory module that are compatible with your Asus laptop, including dua, 4, 8 or 16 Gb in DDR3 or DDR4.Regardless if your laptop is for work, leisure, or gaming, our mission is to keep it working at its best. With terkini, super-efficient perangkat lunak and programs, laptops can become overloaded and have a tough time functioning as effectively as before. With excessive use or even just running several programs (games, emails, internet browsing) at the same Grosir Laptop Asus Medan time, your PC, especially older models can lag or even stop. The memory stick of your laptop, also called RAM, can quickly become saturated with memory. Your computer then uses the hard drive as a secondary memory, but it is much more sluggish and less reactive which causes viruses or incessant loads. To learn more about RAM, we offer a 

guide to upgrading the RAM memory on your Asus laptop.

Using a device in this condition is frustrating as it prevents you from running the latest programs or games which are too powerful for your current RAM. Instead of replacing your computer, Asus Accessories suggests you simply increase the memory of your PC or replace your RAM to regain the enjoyment of a fluid and productive laptop. Also, check out our SDD hard disks, Wi-Fi cards, controller cards and all other items allowing the enhancement of your computer and its capacities.

In this section you will discover all Asus computer Supplier Laptop Asus Medan RAMs. You will be able to decide between 2 GB memory cards, 4 GB memory cards, 8 GB memory cards and 16 GB memory cards, regardless if you are looking for a DDR3 or DDR4 contoh. All of these products are 100% original, produced and certified by Asus which guarantees quality and dependability.This new RAM will help programs run faster and without any viruses, while being the economical and easiest way to enhance your computer’s efficiency.How to replace an Asus laptop’s RAMOur goal is to empower our customers with the tools and knowledge to do their own repairs.Here are the steps to replace the memory module without having to hire a professional.- You’ll need a small, flat screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. Position the bottom of the computer facing you (screen facing the ground).- First, turn off your computer, unplug it from any power source and remove its battery by unclipping the latch of this one positioned on the back of your PC- Unscrew the screws on the base of your PC and remove it- Locate the RAM, it is a big green chip of rectangular shape with black nodes- Remove this bar by removing it from its location if you want to change it. If you want to double it, a second Distributor Laptop Asus Medan empty slot is provided for this purpose next to your existing RAM- Perform these steps in reverse to reassemble your computer

Notice: check beforehand if this improvement is taken into account by your computer, in what quantity and with what type of RAM, which varies according to the models and capacities of the PC. If you have any doubt, contact our service department who will answer your various questions and will propose the best solution for you.

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